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Hey everyone.

I just picked up an AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE, I'm very happy with it so far, there's just one thing, the stock cooler is incredibly loud. I don't have a problem with that while gaming or doing CPU intensive stuff like 3D rendering (I'm a 3d animator and video editor as well) but damn, I don't need it to be running at that 6000rpm speed when I'm just browsing the web.

I'm looking for a nice and easy CPU fan profiler, maybe I'm not using the right terminology, but I need something that will raise the Fan Speed when I run certain applications or after it goes past a certain temperature. Any suggestions?

I downloaded AMD OverDrive and when I set the fan speed to 50% it still idled around a very nice 40c and was absolutely noiseless. Thing is, the smart profiles under that application don't seem to have any settings for fan controls unless I'm completely missing them, it seems all I can do is manually set the fan speed each time I would need to change it.

I just got a new motherboard as well, the Biostar 790GX3, in that bios the fan controls are extremely vague, I'm not certain exactly how they're looking for me to set that up.

In case any of you were curious, I'm also running a Radeon 3870XT512, 2x2gb DDR3-1600, and a C-Media Audio Card with Dolby Digital Live and Toslink out.
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  1. The link you gave us has the motherboard manual. you will want to set it so that full on is a very high value and off is a safe but high value (like maybe 30C) I believe then it will automatically adjust the in between fan speeds.
    It's under Advanced>> smart fan configuration. You can also play with the settings and see what works best.

    If you want software, you could try speedfan. I find the program works pretty well and you can set the speed by %. Make sure you set it to start when windows does.

    Another option is to find a quiet aftermarket cooler. Most will be better than the stock so you don't have to worry about how good they are above about $20.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have the manual and I looked through it, what bothers me is the wording. "Off" can't actually refer to turning the CPU fan off? Could it? I mean no matter how cool it got, I would never want the thing to actually turn off. Then the other value is "sensitive."

    I've messed with the settings and think I've come to a pretty good solution, the fan speed ramps up when it gets hotter and it never seems to go above around 46c even playing games. That being said, I still feel like I don't completely understand what exactly is happening in that bios.
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