My hdmi monitor doesnt turn back on after my computer has gone to slee

Im Running Windows 7 64 bit on an Asus P7P55D EVO, i5 core with a Nvidia GTS 250. I'm having only one problem. It seems that when I leave my computer for a while, haven't determined the exact amount of time, my monitor will not receive a video signal. I'm using an LG 1080P LCD connected to the video card via HDMI. I have all of my sleep settings set to off, no sleep. Anybody have any ideas on what I should do to fix this? Thanks!
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  1. Man, I am having the EXACT same problem with a brand new Windows 7/ Core i3 setup using the integrated video on a Gigabyte H55 motherboard and a slightly older Sharp 26-inch HD (non-1080P) LCD TV connected by HDMI. The screen wakes normally after a short period of sleep, but more than a few hours and I have to unplug and reattach the HDMI cable to get the screen to recognize a signal even after the PC has clearly woken up. She same thing happens when I reboot after a significant period of computer on/monitor off status. Somebody help us before I have to resort to the DVI connection and Powerstrip!
  2. KoryL: Here's a very helpful thread I just found. Might want to take a look. Good luck!
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