First pc build ~ 600$(only system,without gfx card)


soon, i will be doing my very first PC build :D I'm really looking forward to it, and already have spent hours of surfing for info, and selecting components :) but since it's my first build, i think it would be a good idea to have it reviewed by some experienced people. nothing is really sure yet, except the gpu i already have that at home, long story, so that can't be changed. the item's I'm pretty sure about, are the mobo, cpu, and hdd. i use this pc for about 60% gaming, 40 everythng else. multitasking is important, but not that much. but enough talk, here's the list. ( o no, one last thing, because I'm from Holland, i can't buy from newegg. but you can just give newegg or whatever link, i will search for a store in Holland that has it )

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: not too soon. probarbly in a month.
BUDGET RANGE: 600, see notes above. holland doesn't know rebates :P


gfx card
everything like monitor etc.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: will search myself, since i don't think a lot of people speek dutch here :P

amd cpu
instant boot ( asrock) mobo, but not necessarily

OVERCLOCKING: hmm, yea, but a little. just don't mind it.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe, but i prefer one card, and i am not a graphics freak. ( not yet :p)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: quiet and low power would be prefered, because of mom's :fou: :P

gpu nvidia 9600 ( already owned )
ram this depends on the store, have noticed that are like thousands types. planning on buying 4gb ddr3 1333mhz, is that good?
psu dutch site, can only find the 500w on newegg)
drive don't care at all. just buying the cheapest.
os windows 7 home premium.

other thoughts: the mobo also comes in a version with the amd 785g chipset, or 790gx. is a newer chipset worth the money? ( 790gx is about 25$ more then 780g)

already thanks for your help!
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  1. Since you got DDR3, you might as well get a full-size ATX mobo for DDR3. That means no IGP. Assuming the 9600GT is PCI-E: 2 options:

    1) If you got the money, get 790X:

    2) If you're in a tight budget, get AMD 770:

    Do remember it must be for DDR3. There are some DDR2 mobos in the links. I will give you 2 good examples:

    780 & 785 are the AMD chipsets with IGPs. They're great for low-end PCs and HTPCs.
  2. thank you for your help. since all things are already getting more expensive, i will get a board with 770. thank you again!
  3. I can REALLY reccomend alternate to you, they're an awesome shop shipping to the netherlands too with great prices =)

    If you give me a minute I can take a look at this and find you a nice system for € 425 ($ 600)
  4. Sorry I really gotta go to my hockey game :O But just take a look at their builder, sleek interface and works quite nice =)
  5. thank you, i do know the site alternate, and i really like it. but, in comparison to azerty, they are +- 10€ more. but still, if you can get a good system on that site, it's not aproblem :lol: thanks already

    o yea, 425 would be really great, but up to 450 would still be fine :P
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