Only see two cores in Task Manager for my i7-620m

I know the i7-620m is dual core but I thought I should see four in task manager. I have win7 x64 and system properties shows it is indeed i7-620m. I did tweak the OS but did I do something to turn off the hyperthreading? In Device Manager I see 4 cores - just wondering why I dont see it in Task Manager?
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  1. Check the BIOS to see if HT is off. I am almost 100 percent sure you can't turn off HT in windows. Personally I would keep HT off unless you're using a app that actually does benefit from it.
  2. It is enabled in the BIOS - I checked. What is the benefit from turning it off? I did not know programs need to actually be aware of it in order for me to benefit from it.
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