Problem Can't OC A8 3870K - GA-A75M-UD2H


I can't OC my new A8 3870K

- A8 3870K
- Gigabyte GA-A75M-UD2H
- 2 x 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Kingston
- ATI HD6870 1Gb DDR5 Sapphire
- WD 1Tb SATA3 64Mb/s
- Case OverCase OV-517 LCD
- ToPower 650W
- Windows 7 64Bits with SP1

I tried to OC 3870K to 3.2Ghz, 3.4Ghz, 3.5GHz by changing just the multiplier (CPU Clock Ratio) to 34x (3.4Ghz) and leaving to manual or stock any other option (CPU NB Freq, CPU Host Clock, PCI Spread Spectrum, Set Memory Clock, DRAM Freq ) but I cant get stable for more than 15 minutes (sometimes less than 5 minutes). I dont know what is wrong? I updated BIOS to latest F5 but is the same.

Can anybody help me with this issue? How i configure the System Voltage Control?

- CPU PLL Voltage Control
- DDR3 Voltage Control
- DDR VIT Voltage Control
- FCH Voltage Control
- APU VDDP Voltage Control
- CPU NB VID Control
- CPU Voltage Control
Normal CPU Vcore = 1.4125V

I tried OC by software with AMD Overdrive, AMD Catalyst Control Center, but nothing.

Please.. Can anybody help me with this problem? Sorry my english.
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  1. Hey Pancho, I have the same CPU and I have it at 3.6 stable right now. It does run very hot though so make sure you invest in a cooler. (I recommend the 212 cooler master) You shouldnt have to change anything other than the CPU voltage. I think mine is at 1.4875 right now and that is very stable. The only thing to watch is your temps in speed fan and make sure you arent killing it that way.
    Start at 34x multiplier and 1.4750ish and run prime for about 2 hours. If that udoesnt work write me bakc and we can go from there.
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