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I plan to build a pc and used mainly to edit video. What is the average Intel CPU should I purchase? Please recommend a mother board also
Thanks for your help.
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  1. Is this professional grade editing or home and whats your budget?

    This should be a good start to compare CPUs. That needs to be figured out before worrying about the mobo.
  2. Just home video editing, not professional. Have about $600.00 for CPU/MoBo/RAM. Aready have other components.

    Thanks skora.
  3. For just home editing, a regular quad core would be a good place to start.

    Depending on just how much you wanted to spend, ram should be same for all options: $90 amir

    Athlon II 635 x4 $120, mobo $80 (if you have a vid card, otherwise, you'll want a 785G, 790GX, or 890GX

    +$40 can get the 955be

    Something on the AMD route that might be interesting if you can wait is the Phenom II x6. Will be about $300 or under, get a 890GX mobo and ram, and you'll still be under $600 total.

    Intel (both would require a GPU), the i5 750 would be a great chip and total around $500.

    You'd actually have enough to get the i7 860. Both are quad cores, but the 860 is hyper threading, so the programs (if multi threaded) will think there's 8. It's $80 more than the i5 750.

    Just watch the USB 3.0 and Sata III stuff on intel. Goofy:
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