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Hey guys i got a new problem here
today i was gaming on my computer then all of a sudden it shut off.
I tried to power the computer back on but nothing happened when i pushed the power on the case or the motherboard (fans wont start and power supply wont wake up). So immediately i thought it was the power supply so i got a working power supply, hooked it up, and nothing happened. I then tested the power supply while it was not connected to the motherboard and all the fans and my water pump started working. At this point I figured out my powersupply was ok. Anywho after checking all my connections I discovered that when I have the main power connected to the motherboard and not the cpu power, then everything works (fans, LEDs, Powersupply). But when the cpu power is connected the power supply will not wake and nothing will work. Any ideas on whats wrong? - Tank
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  1. Probably the PSU.

    System specs including both PSU's?

    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  2. MOTHERBOARD'S problems ,if you are not good at DIY,please send it to the retailer to tell them the problems.
  3. my motherboard is a nf750-g55, amd phenom ii x4 965, 600w coolmax psu, crucial ballistix tracer 1333 ddr3. ive tested the power supply and it is working fine, also tried swapping in a different working psu and had the same result.

    when the cpu 4 pin is not connected the power turns on, all the fans go on etc.
    but when the cpu 4 pin is connected theres a quick blink of power, then nothing. Should i try and RMA the board?
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