What gpu should i get

hi i have a athlon 250 x2 @ 2.9 Ghz 2 gb ram 550w with 36 amps i want to play decent games so what gpu should i get thanks
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  1. motherboard?
    PSU, what brand?
  2. wa1 said:
    PSU, what brand?

    psu brand: corsair

    resolution: well i have a small vga screen so like 1024x768

    budget:like about £70
  3. You should definetly go for Radeon 4670.
    It will be great for you
    However, if you can arrange some more, I strongly recommend GTS 250 or Radeon 5750.

    Both these will come handy in long run

  4. safe a little bit more and go for HD5750... :)
  5. Get a GTS 250 or HD 5750.
  6. For your resolution, I recommend you to go for 4670 HD.

    It will perform exceptionally at 1280x768
  7. I wouldn't say exceptionally, but it will be pretty good.
  8. definetly crossfire a pair of 5970s hahahaha. love it.

    i'd say the way to go is either an HD 5670, or an HD4770. i think that's in your budget, but i'm not sure what the prices on UK i don't use pounds.

    5670 is a fair bit better than a 4670 and it'll give you directx11 support for the future (recommended if you have windows 7)
    4770 is a bit better than a 5670, no directx11.

    reason why i recommend these is in case you upgrade to a monitor with 1680 x 1050, which is the next level up from yours as far as resolutions go (if you go any big you'd have to get a different card), so i'd say that one of these 2 cards hits the soft spot.
    find a sale and buy, whichever is cheaper is probably the one i'd go for.
  9. The HD4770 is more than a bit better than the HD5670, it's approximately 25% better. When shopping for a bargain card I don't think the HD5670 makes much sense. You want as much performance as your limited budget can provide.
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