Help in overclocking my i3

can i overclock my desktop? i want to upgrade my pc to a cheap gaming i5 desktop, anything i should consider?
windows 7 home premium x64

videocard = hd5570 1024 mb ddr hdmi/dvi/vga
powersupply = XION power real atx power supply
motherboard = xtreme design motherboard p7p55d-e LX
HDD = desktar hitachi 7,200 RPM 32mb/mo
drive = hp 24x dvd writer hp dvd 1270 i
processor = intel core i3 cpu g40 @ 3.07 ghz
ram = 4gb
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  1. Sorry you can't really OC an i3 since it doesn't have an unlocked multiplier. Best you can do is squeeze another 100mhz or so at best. You'll have to increase the bus speed, but that's all you can do.
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