Speed problem of wifi router which connected to my pc via ethernet

Hi guys, i use Windows 7 Ultimate, and i have Airties 4240 wife router, my internet had 100mbit/s before i had that router, and now, i connected my wifi router to my desktop pc via ethernet cable and laptops, phones,etc. via wireless, and now problem is speed, before i could download a file with max speed( something like 10mb/s) and now i can not download no more then 4.1 mb/s through my desktop pc, I closed all laptops which could use internet, and just left PC and Wifi router, but problem didnt solved.

Before : Internet Cable -----------Directly cable to-------> Dektop Ethernet Card (Download Speed 10 mb/s)
Now : Internet Cable --------Connected to ---------->Wifi router--------Connected via ethernet cable to------> Desktop PC (Download Speed 4.1 mb/s)

On userguide of wifi router it says that wifi speed till 54mbit/s for wireless connections, yes i can understand if i would get these download speeds through my laptops, but why i have slower download speed on my pc, ethernet whatever must give 100mbit/s directly... or i am wrong?

Which configurations i must do?,, or i need to make fix some settings on router`s administration page?

Thank you guys....
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  1. So nobody has no idea?
  2. The obvious culprit is the router, although it could take some effort to pin it down to one specific issue. Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me to find a router here or there that's not particular efficient. These are typically devices w/ low grade, single threaded processors and limited memory, trying to handle more and more requirements; firewall, stateful packet inspection, NAT, Anti-DOS, routing, filtering, forwarding, wireless, yada yada. Granted, losing more than half your bandwidth seems way out of line, but then I know nothing about this model either.

    I would have only one PC connected to the router and make sure its personal firewall was up. Then try disabling various features and measuring the impact. Perhaps disable the firewall, then stateful packet inspection, then Anti-DOS, disabling NAT, then turning off the wireless radio, etc., and testing the performance impact after each change. You just have to be methodical about it.

    I’d also make sure the PC was connected to the router @ 100mbps. It should be, but double check anyway. Same goes for the router to modem over the WAN port. From skimming the router manual, it appears all its LAN ports are 10/100mbps. But that’s not a GUARANTEE it’s connected @ 100mbps (again, it should be). But like some ppl are finding their Gigabit adapters are not connecting @ 1000mbps when they should be, sometimes things go wrong.
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