Is my memory bad? Or another issue.

Interesting problem here. I recently upgraded my computer, basically got a new case, processor, RAM, and motherboard, and kept everything else.

Computer works fine, for about a day. Next morning, get a blue screen (MEMORY MANAGEMENT) whenever I try to use it. Reseating the memory fixes it, until the next morning, when the same issue pops up again. Where I then reseat the memory, and it's usable for another day.

I think there's little people that live under my bed, and come out at night to screw with the memory while I'm asleep :??: .

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  1. Welcome Newcomer. Try running MemTest86+ 4.1 on your RAM. Go to to download the software. Download the .zip containing the .iso file. Burn the .iso to a cd.

    To run the test, simply put the disc that you just burned into the optical drive of your choice and restart your computer. MemTest86 will run itself. Allow the test to run for at least 10 passes (8-10 hours) or unless it finds errors before that and will stop automatically.

    If any errors are found, then that's a good indicator that your RAM is bad.
  2. When you change chipset, you are supposed to reinstall the operating system.
    That's why you are getting BSOD.
    Do a Windows repair. That might work.
  3. I reinstalled the OS after upgrading, and again when the issue showed up the first time.

    I'll run the memory test tomorrow morning, since that's when it seems to break.
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