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Vertex 3 vs. Corsair Force 3 vs. Samsung 830

Hi all.

This may be an old topic, but I am having trouble getting real-world performance numbers or complete info. These are also changing fast with models and new BIOS/Driver updates.
So, for now:
Do they all perform well and very unlickly to get a BSOD ?

I'm looking for something that will last me for years and perform well on a future rig 3 years later. I understand ALL SSDs perform much better than ANY HDD.

If I need a 240-256 GB SSD, ALL will work well for for a Windows/Application drive for casual use, light database work, development, image/video processing, etc. Then just get the cheapest drive?

Or can performance be an issue with some non-compressable data and TRIM performance, so a Vertex 3 may be needed?

Or, Sanforce still has some issues. If I don't want to "screw with it", just get a Samsung 830 which is more stable and faster ??

There's always the Crucial m4, but I don't think that is the MOST reliable, Fastest, or Cheapest - just overall good.

From reading other posts, The Samsung may be the best choice if I want it to last for years and it's not the slowest.

ok thanks!
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    Yep the Samsung comes recommended and no sand force issues.
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