Defective tmpin2?

Hey guys, I just built my first computer with a Phenom II X2 555 with an Asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 motherboard. I haven't unlocked any of the cores or anything and I already noticed that the tmpin2 is really high on hwmonitor and on AMD overdrive. Hwmonitor says its 128 degrees C and overdrives says its -127 degrees C.

Does anyone know whats going on? I've also read around from other places and they say that the sensor was not used or something but that doesn't seem right at all, AMD overdrive shouldn't show it then right?

Does anyone else have a working tmpin2 in their 890GX motherboard?

Here is a screenshot:
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  1. Hardware monitor, Speedfan, Coretemp and various other monitoring applications have been giving false readings to many different motherboards. My best bad read was minus 138*c. on a couple of them. Others gave me a plus 128*c.
    Read your BIOS and Asus probe. If they are similar then you don't have a problem as long as you use adequate cooling.
  2. The 128°C reading is common for missing or broken sensor, it should display the same with the system hot or cold (just after start)
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