CD-RW does not appear on "My Computer"

Greetings, I'm on windows ME and my CD-RW drive does not appear on "My Computer" where it shows 3.5 Floppy (A), Local Disk (C) and Control Panel, whenever I insert a CD in the drive it does not read the disk nor show it, does that mean I have to install a software? Thank you very much.
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  1. It worked before or this is a new drive?
  2. no it used to work, all of the sudden when I insert a disk there is no place for it on my computer
  3. Your drive probably failed. You can get a new one from for around $25.

    Try and get to the Device Manager (not sure how on ME but on XP you right-click My Computer>properties>hardware>device manager) and see if you can find the CD drive in there. If you do and it says it is running fine then it may be a software issue.

    You can see if it is visible in bios as well if you can't find the device manager.

    If you cannot find it, or it says it is not working properly then you'll need to check the connections and make sure the IDE cable didn't come loose. (Figuring you computer doesn't use SATA) if you have a spare IDE ribbon you can try switching that out too before declaring its death.

    Fyi I didn't mention the power cable because you said you are able to insert a CD (meaning power is ok).

    My guess... 89% chance failed drive, 10% bad cord, %1 software issue. *shrug, I'm no expert but this should get you started. :)
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