I recently attempted to reconnect my desktop to my HDTV after upgrading to W7. Currently when I have just the TV connected to the HDMI port of my vidcard the TV just displays a black screen. If I connect my monitor to the VGA port while connected to the TV I get signals in both the TV and the monitor and can use them as a dual monitor display. Whenever I disconnect the monitor from the computer (or disable the display) the TV goes black again.

I'm out of ideas, any clues?
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  1. have you gone into the nvidia control panel and set up all the settings?
  2. Yes I have. When I have the control panel open with both screens working, if I simply uncheck the VGA monitor, the LCD HDMI connection just goes black. It comes back when I am not able to confirm the settings after the change. The same happens when I unplug the monitor.
  3. did everything work fine before upgrading to windows 7?
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