What your opinion about Delta fan?

I got the Delta fan from old HP power supply, when I test them it realy fast. I stick them to case but doesn't give effect, then I stick it to my Zotac GTX 550 Ti probably doesn't give effect (I'm not sure about that), and I stick them to stock cooling with glue it give more benefits. It reduce temperature on CPU, the idle temp was drasticly reduced (from 65 to 41), and load temp also drasticly reduced (from 75 to 54). I'm very happy about Delta fan because it expanding overclockability.

And what your opinion about Delta fan (or similar)? If you have own Delta fan, share your story here...
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  1. Delta fans are designed to push a lot of air and spin faster than usual fans which equals high noise.

    I,ve got a delta on my heatsink (HP DC7600 with a server heatsink as its stock), its currently cooling a P4 521 HT, it never goes over 60c, even with the fan on low.

    I,ve also got delta fans in 2 of my power supplies, and one was used for a AMD stock heatsink for an Asus board until i accidentally fried it somehow.

    Deltas are personally my favorite fan company...
  2. 1-noisy
    2-old fashioned
    3-has one of the highest air flows...
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