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Ddr3 ram price increase

Last response: in Systems
January 22, 2010 6:40:11 PM

i built my computer back in april 2009 and i bought 6gb ddr3 ram for 85$ on newegg, i dont think it was some random sale because there was several different brands and speeds of 6gb (3x2gb) ram for under 100$, now its all >140$ and the exact same ram i bought is now 170$

was just wondering since im building a computer for a friend
a c 84 B Homebuilt system
January 22, 2010 6:44:01 PM

Are you sure it wasn't on sale? Or that you're looking at the same sticks (same speed, same CAS Latency, same brand)?

I've been watching frequently since June/July last year, and 4 GB DDR3 1333 mhz was about $90 then. It dropped a little in late fall/early winter, and then increased to about $100 for 4 GB soon after the New year. I highly doubt the price doubled in a couple of months...
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a b B Homebuilt system
January 22, 2010 6:52:55 PM

Yeah, the triple channel OCZ Platinum DDR3 at 1600 MHz and CAS 7 was $95 when I bought it in late May. Now they're $207 on amazon.
a c 84 B Homebuilt system
January 22, 2010 6:55:00 PM

@blueheh: That's only about a 20% increase, which is on pace with the increase I noted above. That's no where near the 100% price increase suggested...
a c 84 B Homebuilt system
January 22, 2010 6:57:10 PM

That invoice doesn't actually say anything about any sales. It will only show what you paid for it. You'd need to find a picture of the shopping cart. That would show any instant savings or other specials.
January 22, 2010 6:57:16 PM

85$>170$ seems like a little more then 20%..
a c 84 B Homebuilt system
January 22, 2010 6:58:49 PM

I didn't say that was 20%. That's the 100% increase. The (about) 20% is the 90=>110 and the 155=>190.
January 22, 2010 7:09:05 PM

I remember DDR3 prices changing daily on newegg when I built my system (triple channel was still somewhat new). At times, the platinum OCZ set was cheaper than the slower (speed and CAS) gold set...made no sense.
a c 84 B Homebuilt system
January 22, 2010 7:12:52 PM

That's how the 4 GB Ripjaws sets are right now. The 1600 mhz/CL 7 sets are the same price as both the 1600 mhz/CL 8 and 1333 mhz/CL 7 sets.
a b B Homebuilt system
June 10, 2010 10:11:41 PM

That guys right what I bought for 94 has now gone up to 140! crazy increases to say its been so long since ddr3 was introduced. Stop been difficult mad admiral