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Hi i have a HAF X case and an arctic cooling freeer 13 pro on my 3570K. Got my rig set up on the asusz77 v deluxe and an 8 GB DDR3 kingston1600Mhz. My idle temps are42-44 celcius for the cpu and 32 for the mobo. When i use prime 95 for small FFTs it goes up to 65. Thats really high right? btw my cpu fan is facing the top not the rear exhaust
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  1. That sounds about right. I've heard using prime95 isn't the best way of testing IvyBridge's stability, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. The load temperature isn't too bad for a stock cooler, but the idle is kind of high unless the room its in is 30-32 C or higher
  3. mistaken sorry it just after quitting 2 hours of gta iv.. idle temps are 35-38 but yeah im worried about the load temps
  4. alright i updated my drivers and th sensor must have been faulty.... i get about 53-56 on prime 95 @3.8Ghz...... So i have the ''permission'' to go for lets say 4.0 or 4.2 with just the multiplier?
  5. so i am getting 70-72 on cpuid hw monitor and 53-56 on my asus ai suite II.... my top exhaust fan which is where the cpu fan is facing isnt even blowing hot air after 3 hours of 1920x1080 BF3 online everything maxed it started to feel like its pushing hot air out of the case.... Whats my real temp? my cputin btw was 2 degrees.... i got the latest drivers and BIOS so what now?
  6. Use Realtemp to monitor your CPU real tempurature

    On my own 3570k I have a Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case and the Corsair H100 cooler. I also bought aftermarket Liquid Pro

    At 43 multiplier and 103.00 FBS I am at ~4430 Mhz and 1.32v.

    With those cooling solutions I hit about 55 Celsius after hours of Prime95.

    With your cooling solutions, I think you are right where you ought to be.

    To clarify, 105 is the maximum tempurature for the Ivy Bridge i5 3570k, but that is a maximum, not a threshold. Most overclockers prefer to stay under 90, if you are hitting 65 from 100% cpu stress at stock settings, you are under the maximum. Increase your overclock by 100 Mhz at a time, or 1 multiplier, run Prime and Realtemp, once you start hitting 75-80, consider that your maximum, as I'm sure you would like to keep your CPU alive for a long time. Also, pay close attention to your voltage, anything over 1.35 is considered highly dangerous for the cpu at long stress times. Although Intel says that 105 degrees and 1.52volts are the maximums, those numbers should never be used for a day to day use machine as they burn out the cpu quickly.
  7. dude those are my temps? jesus thats really hot.... i did the 10 minute run with real temp i got a max on one thread 75 celcius and the rest where at 70...... shouldnt try 4.0Ghz? why did i buy the coolermaster haf X and the arctic cooling freezer 13 pro man im dissapointed now.... and the z77 v deluxe isnt a bad board either it can oc real good
  8. That's the thing about air cooling a cpu, ambient temperature plays a big role. Also, are you using stock thermal paste? How is the airflow in your case? On mine I have the radiator assembled at the top with hot air directed out through the top; the sides, front, and back of the case pull air in. Can you also post what voltage at 4.0Ghz you are using?

    Here is a list of ivy bridge voltages and overclocks that people have submitted as stable on their own machines and builds. Use it at your own risk just remember to keep your settings close to others. http://www.overclock.net/t/1247869/official-the-ivy-bridge-stable-suicide-club-guides-voltages-temps-bios-templates-inc-spreadsheet
  9. yeah im using stock thermal paste...... I have a 230mm front for intake along with a 200mm side.... the back 140mm and 2x 200mm top fans are exhaust the cpu cooler blows to the top fan
  10. so that means i cant overclock right? if it goes up to 73-74 on prime 95 i cannot get it to 4.0 for gaming right?
  11. if your core temps are 73-74, then you can probably get to 4.0. if it is the cpu temp, then probably not.
  12. the cpu temp is not even 55 its max 53
  13. then you can overclock even more if core temps are 73-74 and cpu temps are 53. CPU temps should be below 70-80 and core temps should be below 90.
  14. now that i oc'ed my core temps after 10 mins of prime went up to 71 and cpu temps barely reached 50.... im still just @ 4.0Ghz
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