Does mobo DH55HC support i7-880 ?


I am planning to get Intel's DH55HC motherboard for i7-880.

I was previously planning to get i7-870 for which DH55HC is suitable. i7-880 is just an upgraded version of i7-870. But Intel's site lists no board suitable for i7-880. So what do i do?
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  1. if it fits the 870, then it should fit the 880 as they are they have the same socket size (1156)
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply.

    One last question. Since i7-880 is a new processor (just 2 months old) do you think there is a risk choosing i7-880 over i7-870? The processors differ only in clock speed. i7-880 is 3.06GHz while i7-870 is 2.93GHz.
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    You might need a updated bios for the processor.
    It would show as an unknown processor eventually, but still work.
    Best to flash the bios with a cheap processor that is supported.
    No risk buying a new processor. I have bought parts the same day they were launched and have had zero problems.
  4. no real risk, you just need to decide if the difference in clock speed is worth the extra $$$
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