GTX295 Issue

CPU:CORE i7 920 @ Default
PSU:Corsair TX 850w
RAM:Corsair 6*1 1600MHZ
Board:Gigabyte Ex58-Extreme
Case: Coolermaster Haf932
HD: 1*Hitach 160Gb / 1*Maxtor 320GB / 1*Seagate Barracuda 1.5Tb
2*Optical Drives
Screens: 22" Hp w2207h and a 19" LG Flatron L1930S

Im Having a issue with Furmark at stability test with xtreme burning mode.
I start the test and some time later like 2~3 minutes the computer freezes and the temp when it freezes is variable like 84~87ºC and i don't know whats making this happening.
Im Using Windows 7 x64 i tested it on Vista and 7 with the latest driver and with an older one and its making the same thing.
Some days ago i went to the shop were i bought this Graphic Card for them to test because it was overheating and it was a bit of dust in the inner of the card and they said that the card was fine and good to go.
But im getting this freeze while im testing it and i don't know what could be.

Some help would be apreciated.

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  1. As all the OEMs have said, Furmark puts an unnatural load on a GPU. Does it crash in games? That's what you should be worried about.
  2. I made a try with COD MW2 with all at the max and with 4x antialising and it bsod with IRQL_DRIVER_LESS_OR_EQUAL
  3. Sounds like a RAM issue. Make sure your RAM is running at the right voltage and timings (regular RAM, not your GPU's RAM). If it is all correct, try loosening timings, and see if that helps.
  4. problem solved.

    My bios got some problem and i didnt noticed that it reset'd so is all fine again thanks.
  5. Good to hear you figured it out.
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