Can you combine 2 wireless card?

I bought a new computer and gave my girlfriend the old one to put in the bedroom. My Fios wireless router is only 25 feet away but there are walls betwee and the wireless connection with the Netgear 311g card I got is not very good. Would I be able to boost the connection if I bought a second card and bridged them to run on the same network? Trying to figure out a solution to this. The signal seems to be at 30% most the time, but other signals outside the house are coming stronger from the neighbors! My laptop and PS3 also seem to get better speeds. Would adding another card work?
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  1. If you’re asking whether you could use a PC w/ two wireless connections as a bridge between the wireless router and another wireless PC, the answer is yes.

    The second wireless adapter would need to be placed in ad hoc mode, and then you would bridge them (go to Network Connections, select the two wireless adapters, right click, select Bridge Connections). Finally, the other PC would connect to ad hoc wireless adapter instead of the wireless router.

    That said, it’s not a guarantee you’ll get better reception. As a rule, the output signal and antenna solution of a wireless adapter can’t match that of your wireless router. And it doesn’t give you all that much flexibility since it’s not likely you can easily move the bridging PC around for best reception. It also means the bridging PC must always be ON whenever the other PC needs Internet access (at least if they need the bridge). So unless you just happen to have a wireless adapter hanging around, you might be better off in the long run to use a standalone wireless repeater (e.g., ZyXEL WAP3205). Or even a cheap dd-wrt compatible router and configure it as a wireless repeater.
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