Low fps with 4890

Hello, Ive just made a new build and I have a xfx 4890 that when I run benchmarks with crysis my average is 25 fps and a minimum of 9, I now thats not usual for such a big card. I done some research on my own and have found that other people have the same problem and have come to the conclusion that the cpu must be bottlenecking the video card, I have a x3 425, could this cpu be bottleneckin the 4890?

Heres my full specs:

cpu: x3 425 stock
gpu: xfx 4890
motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-770TA-UD3 AM3
psu: corsair tx650 w
ram: a-data 4gb 1333ghz
os: vista ultimate 64
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  1. What settings are you running Crysis at? Those frames per sec are normal if you have it all cranked up to max settings.

    My 4890 runs Crysis fine at High settings. Very High with all the bells and whistles enabled will cripple it.
  2. yah, I have it with max settings and some aa to, but when ever I put it at just high settings with no aa and a lower resolution its the same fps. this sights review of the 4890 says that it got like 48 fps at high, why? Im running it at 1600 x 1200. and what do you mean by "cripple"?
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