Problems OCing my new M5A97 & FX-6100

First of all let me tell you I virtually have NO clue when it comes to overclocking:

My New PC is this:
Asus M5A97 Mobo
Corsair TX-650 PSU
XFX Double D 2GB HD7850 Graphics Card
Kingston 128 GB SSD
Seagate 2TB HDD
8GB Gskill DDR3 1600 Ram
V7 24\" HD Monitor
Lite on Cd/DVD
Asus CD/DVD Writer
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

Win 7 Pro 64bit

So I built this PC a little over 1 week ago and it runs great, in stock configuration, but when I set it to turbo in the bios with the low fan setting set to 200RPM and cool & quiet turned off the thing crashes with event 41, kernel-power error. Same thing if I use the asus AI suite 1.02.03.

When i say it crashes, it crashes when I try and play Guild Wars 2, it also crashes when I run the OCCT:LINPACK and OCCT:GPU tests, the OCCT:CPU and the OCCT:Power tests run fine. all of the OCCT tests run fine when it's in stock configuration as well.

I updated my graphics drivers and flashed the bios to the newest bios version and re-ran the tests and the OCCT:LINPACK test ran OK, but the OCCT:GPU test crashed. Could have been because I ran them back to back, or it could have been that I didn't allow the OCCT:LINPACK test to run long enough after updating the drivers?

So here I am wondering if I actually have a problem, or if it's the software(asus suite or the bios turbo) causing the problems for me?

As I said earlier, I have NO idea how to OC this thing manually and don't want to go in there fooling around with settings and screwing something up.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'd really like a pointer to a walktrhough (If something like that exists) on how to overclock the setup I have.

Thanks in advance
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  1. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    I saw that and went over it a few times, but for me that is way too complicated to try and figure out the way it's written, besides that is a "General guide" and not one for my Motherboard and processor. Since I write this I tried playing Guild Wars 2 again without the PC being OC'd and it shut off once again, sat there for a minute or so then restarted, just like it's done the previous times. I still received the Event 41, Kernel-Power critical error in the event log after that shut down and restart. So st this point I'm thinking that I might have a bad power supply, but I'm not sure and I also don;t know how to figure out if this is a power supply issue, a processor issue or a motherboard issue?

    Anyone have any advice?

  2. I figured out what the problem is, the brand new corsair TX-650 PSU is crap, the cooling fan is not spinning making it overheat and therefore shutting down my PC. Probably didn't work out of the box as I don't remember checking to see if it was spinning, only to see if it came on and powered everything up. :(. Now I'm probably not going to be able to use my brand new PC for about 1 month because of shoddy quality control at Corsair. Nice, NOT!

    Thanks for the input, i will be back once I have my new PSU and everything is working again.
  3. corsair TX-650 < I have that same psu runs flawlessly.It's actually a real nice unit.
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    corsair TX-650 < I have that same psu runs flawlessly.It's actually a real nice unit.

    Yeah that's what I read and the reason I bought this particular model ROFL, BUT, I wouldn't know, mine doesn't work when putting a load on my PC because the cooling fan doesn't spin to cool the damn thing off. Like I said in my last reply.


    Now I'm without my PC for probably 4 + weeks while waiting for them to process the RMA. What they "SHOULD" do is send me a new one overnight tomorrow with a "FREE" return shipping label so I can send them back the POS I bought. Instead I'll be lucky if they give me the RMA number by the end of this week, then I'll have to follow whatever their instructions are, spend another $10.00+ to send this one back, then wait for them to receive it (3 - 5 days), process the RMA (another 7 - 14 days) and send me the new one (probably be a refurbished POS) then wait another 7 - 14 days for it to get here. Oh Joy, I'm thrilled.

    Good thing I haven't completed my review of this product on Newegg yet, guess I'll go do that now and give them Zero stars and slam them really good! I really cannot stand shoddy quality control. Something like this should "NEVER" happen!
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