Cant install 4GB ram on my asus a8v-vm

I can't install more than 2Gb of RAM on my ASUS AV8-VM when I add another 2 Gb the PC won't boot. Both sets work on their own and I've installed them as matched pairs.
Any ideas
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  1. Have you installed one module in either slots?


    DIMM0: Occupied
    DIMM1: Unoccupied
    DIMM2: Unoccupied
    DIMM3: Unoccupied

    DIMM0: Unoccupied
    DIMM1: Occupied
    DIMM2: Unoccupied
    DIMM3: Unoccupied

    etc, etc
  2. Not yet but I'll give it a try
  3. Slot 1 boots ok, slot 2 boots ok, slot 3 no boot, slot four no boot, slots 1&2 boots ok.
    With slots 1&2 filled, Putting an DIMM in the 3rd slot no boot, 4th slot no boot, 3&4 no boot.
    I've done this with each Dimm and get the same results.
  4. What is the manufactures recomended voltage? have you tryed to up it?
  5. You can't change the voltages on the board
  6. Is that the Asus A8V-VM ? If so In the BIOS with the AI overclocker tune set to Manual you should be able to change the voltage under advanced / jumper free config / ddr ref voltage it is on pages 2-17 and 2-18 of your manual.
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