AMD 1100t

Hi i am using
AMD phenom II 1100t
ASUS Sabertooth 990fx
Kingstone Hyper-X 1600 4GBx2
AMD HD 4980
Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Cooler
Gigabyte odin pro 800w

But i can not over clock it more then 3.8GHz

my normal temperature 33 with out overclocking with 3.8GHz overclocking temperature 40
if i over clock more then 3.8Ghz the temperature 43

But it is not stable, even i have to reset some time with 3.8GHz overclocking

can any one suggest me anything that i can do to go more then 4GHz
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  1. Have you tried increasing Vcore?

    What voltage are your running now?
  2. now i am running 1.475V
  3. i tried until 1.525V
  4. Id say just about every 1100T will be able to clock up to 3.5ghz on stock voltage, 3.7ghz with minimal voltage increase....and from there, unfortunately, voltage increases don't scale very well.

    For example with MY 1100T, I need the following values to run 100% Prime stable: (3.8ghz @ 1.400v....3.9ghz @ 1.4500v, 4.0ghz @ 1.500v).

    3.8ghz seems to be the cutoff point for me. After that, I require a voltage increase of .050v for every 100mhz as you can see above. To remedy this I've been running mostly as a 5-core. This allows me to clock higher on lower voltages, and thusly reduces heat output a lot.

    Anyone getting an H100 cooler should have no problem hitting 4.0ghz even if you have to go to 1.500v (not that I would recommend running 1.500v+ for a 24/7 OC -- though if your temps never exceed 60c I suppose you would be fine.)

    The "official" safe temperature is 62c (CORE TEMPERATURE - NOT SOCKET) -- no need to play with fire though (pun intended). I'd keep it below 60c just to be safe in the long the run.
  5. Ya thats the problem if i go 3.9Ghz on full load its goes to 62c and then my pc turned off... i think i need a very good cooler like H100 but i m using CM storm enforcer casing. so H100 will not feet... may be i will go with H80...
  6. Yeah! get a decent cooler..

    Just keep an eye on your temps and Vcore..

    Most importantly:

    Do NOT , i repeat, DO NOT test the limits of your cpu..!! It'll reduce its life span!

    Safe over clocking, is the BEST over clocking!


    Good luck!
  7. thanks a lot
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