BFG gtx 285 OC problem i think

i think i have a problem with my gfx card ....

when i play some games warcraft 3 for instance after some time my pc freezes and reboots it self ... all my components are stock speed ... except for the ram
that is oc'ed to 1600mhz ... any ideas ? getting frustrating now !

system specs ...

GFX : BFG gtx 285 OC
MB : Asus Rampage II Extreme
CPU : intel i7 920
PSU : Chieftech 750wats
RAM : Kingston KHX 16000d3t1k3/6gx @ 1600mhz
OS : Windows 7 x64 Ultimate

any ideas ?

before u suggest it ... i have tried with everything @ stock speed , using newest drivers also using older ones , tried reinstaling windows and it still reboots after some time in games ...also tried using the card in another slot ...
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  1. only happened on warcraft 3 or on another game as well?
    what about the card temps?
  2. Did you try on RAM's stock speeds.Did it happens on other games as well.
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