Should I install these drivers?

Hey there,

I recently upgraded to 2 x G Skill Phoenix Pro 120 Gb SSDs in RAID 0.

During clean install, I F6ed the Intel RST 9.​6.​0.​1014 drivers.

During install of sound drivers, the ASUS driver disk wants me install these (sorry for the Korean):

If I install any/all of these drivers, which ones can/should I install without affecting/breaking the current RAID 0 setup?

I haven't had much success with RAID 0 in the past. It kept on crashing after a couple of months and I got sick of doing formats.

I thought I would give it another go.

Thanks for your assistance.
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    I would download all but the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver, as it looks to be an older version of the newer Intel RST 9.​6.​0.​1014. I don't see the other drivers causing a conflict with your RAID setup.
  2. Hey there tecmo,

    Just installed as mentioned without a hitch.

    Thanks for your assistance.

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