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i recently purchased a XFX 4890, althougn i havent used it yet, i have heard that they get pretty hot.. so i was wondering if i remove the cover that is over the heatsink, will i get a cooler video card??? :pt1cable:
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  1. I wouldn’t modify the cooler that it comes with, apart from possibly voiding your warranty the cooler will be most likely sufficient in cooling the card.
  2. no, the case promotes airflow. removing it will mess it up.

    you dont think XFXs engineers know what they are doing? if removing the cover made it more efficient, they wouldn't put one on there.

    if you are concerned, you can buy after-market coolers that will help it run cooler. the scythe musashi or accellero twin turbo are good choices.
  3. At least try it first.I'm sure there won't be any problem.
  4. cool cool, shot guys
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