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In my laptop xp windows there was ntldr missing. But I open and recover the file and paste it in D drive and formatt the C drive but when i open it , it shows folder is empty and 0kb and not accessible. what sholud i do as it contain videos and some document files.
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  1. Are you able to access it through Command prompt?

    Otherwise, there are a few options, and I'll recommend them in order.

    1: If accessable through command prompt, try to copy and paste to another location
    2: If not, or if the problem persists after successfully completing step 1, you may want to engage permissions for the user group "Everyone" for that folder and all sub folders
    3: CHKDSK performed with the proper modifiers for continuation upon restart
    4: XP Repair Console, and see if you can move the folder to another location/verify integrity of the files inside

    Be careful in XPRC, as poking around with the wrong things can brick the OS Install
  2. Thankyou johnmschoonover. I have tried with command prompt but still the access is denied and is not opening.
  3. No problem, and the rest of them?
  4. johnmschoonover said:
    No problem, and the rest of them?

    Rest all the folders working but the data recovered from c drive is not opening in any way.
  5. I used MiniTool power data recovery software and solve the problem
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