Mouse and keyboard slow to work after kvm switch

when I switch back and forth between computers with my kvm switch the one machine takes an excessive amount of time for the mouse and keyboard to be active [more than 5 seconds]. I had this problem before a recent os [xp] reinstall. After the new install the problem was gone but has recently returned. The other machine works normally.
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  1. You're saying this KVM lag only happens on one machine? Operation of the peripherals on another machine is totally unaffected?
  2. r_manic said:
    You're saying this KVM lag only happens on one machine? Operation of the peripherals on another machine is totally unaffected?

    yes, it's only on the one machine. I got rid of the problem by doing a system restore to several days before the problem showed up, but that doesn't tell me exactly what's causing this issue, which could easily crop up in the future. thanks for your interest.
  3. I have discovered that even though a usb keyboard or mouse WILL work correctly when connected to the comp directly, they may not work or will delay or stop the boot process when running thru a KVM switch. It seems necessary to use only "generic/plain" keyboard and mouse to stop the boot hang problem. My Microsoft wireless mouse was the total cause of this problem when used thru an electronic KVM and then thru another KVM with all mechanical switches. A "lighted" keyboard and another with the "special" keys that take you to your home page..etc, also gave some trouble! Seems counter-intuitive, but try different mouse and/or keyboard into the KVM and see if that does it. :>)
  4. Hello everyone,
    I have the same problem.
    I've got USB 2 KVM switch from China.
    Right now only USB connected.
    1 device is a HP notebook with win10. USBs connect there near to instantly.
    2 device is a desktop computer runnign win7. When swithing KVM here, there is about 5 usb connect/disconnect sounds and it takes about 5-10 seconds for the same usb peripherals to start to work.

    However there is no point back in time when it worked in my case, so I can go there.
    Any ideas?
  5. usb cable defective,
    BIOS not up to date of the motherboard
    firmware of the KVM up to date?
    try another USB port
  6. Thank you for you response
    - switched USB and no change in behavior
    - BIOS on the slow side is up-to date
    - Not sure how to make suer that KVM firmware is up to date. However it works fast on one side, so how could it be KVMs fault?
    - Tried two other usb ports on the slow side. No effect.

    I'm pretty sure it's something with the slow-side computer.
    I just don't have a clue what.
    I noticed that even when I unplug the usb port and stick it to a different one. It takes time for the 'device unplugged' sound and so forth...
  7. I just found another interesting thing.
    When I KVM to the slow-side computer right after booting up, but before logging in (on the login screen)
    It connects way faster.
    So can there be some setting on the OS level that's slowing this down?
  8. chipset and eventually 3rd party drivers for USB3.0 could be responsible as well as an antivirus app or other tools for tuning (ccleaner, tunup, driverbooster,...)

    please post the exact model number of the KVM and the hardware of your slower system (model number of the pre-built system or from the motherboard)
  9. Thank you.
    I don't have any tuning nor cleaning tools.
    Tried to turn off antivirust for a while - didn't make a difference

    My KVM says KVM-21UA
    And my motherboard is Gigabite EP45-DS3
  10. BIOS version of the motherboard is F10b?

    try this chipset driver for your motherboard:

    Sadly couldn´t find any firmware for this KVM.

    Resetting BIOS can help (Clr_CMOS jumper), be sure the boot priority in BIOS is correct after the reset, or windows won´t boot.

    To check if it´s a driver issue of windows, boot with e.g. Ubuntu Live (without installation) and try the KVM switch there too

    Is the ON/OFF Charge utility installed?

    In BIOS any settings for USB legacy or similar selectable?
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