4 GB of ram, 1 GB of VRAM, 3,49 detected

hi, first of all i use xp 32 bit and i know that it's limited to only 4gb but you can only use anything from 3 - 3.75 GB (?) i have a gtx 460 video card (the 1gb version) and i was expecting to see only 3 GB of memory available, i'm happy that i can use 3.49 but is this a problem since i browsed different forums and deduced that if you have 1 GB of vram i could only see 3 GB of system ram, what do you think, is this normal? i saw people that could only use 3,25 and even 3

at first i thought that my card was limited to 512 (is that even possible?) but in dxdiag it clearly shows that it has 1 GB
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  1. This is normal. When I was using XP 32, I was able to use 3.75GB of my 4GB and I have a 1GB video card.
  2. thanks for the answer
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