Help:HDD in BIOS but not in Win7

Fresh Install problems:
ASUS P8P67 mobo BIOS 2103
Win7 64bit

Win7 SSD and raid mirror (2x raptor drives) is configured in bios (Ctrl-I).
After install, disk managment said I had a "drive signature collision". So in DiskPart I tried to fix it. Drive went from "offline" to "online." But still no raid mirror.

So I reinstalled Win7 again...Sata was set to "RAID" for Win7 install fyi. Now windows only sees two drives, my SSD and one HDD (VelociRaptor) even though all 3 drives show up in BIOS.

DiskPart's "List Disk" command only shows 2 disks:
Disk 0 online 238GB (SSD)
Disk 1 online 558 GB (1x Raptor HDD)
Where's my other Raptor drive (it shows up in BIOS)?

Windows doesn't seem to recognize my raid. I went to disk management because in My Computer the drives/raid 1 wasnt there....Disk Management said I must configure drive to MBR(Mater Boot Record) or GPT. I went with MBR (guess). Unfortunately after that...nothing.
Only one single hard drive and my SSD is present in Disk Mangement and no raid. I confirm this by seeing again that the disk doesn't show up in My Computer and by only getting the option to create a "New Simple Volume" (everything else is greyed out) in Disk Management.

Also, in Device Manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers I see no AHCI for the SSD. Only "Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Contoller". Maybe this is because the Bios is set to "RAID" and the HDD raid isn't recognized yet so Win7 has not re-assigned the SSD (currently shows up in IDE mode).


What do I do to have SSD (Win7 OS) in AHCI mode and a seperate 2X 600GB VelociRaptor mirror raid show up in windows using just the Intel sata ports?
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  1. Hell, I will mail good as new 8GB (2x4gb) of Corsair Vengence 9-9-9-24 DDR3 1600mhz 1.5V ram

    :sol: :o :o :sol: :o :sol: :o :sol: :o :sol: :o :sol: :o :sol: :o :sol: :o :o :sol: whoever can help me:

    --Get Win7 installed on Samsung 830 SSD (6gb/s 256GB) and have it run in AHCI mode after installing the Raptor mirror.
    --Get 2 identical 600gb Velociraptors in RAID 1 (mirrored) aswell.
    --Get both SSD & HDD Mirror using only the Intel sata ports.
    Seems simple enough....but as u can see above my drives are not co-operating now.

    Hell I might even buy myself a Raid card if needed to get this working (though I dont think this is necessary). Just tell me what to do, cause what I thought was a simple install is now eluding me.
    Help internets.
    And Thnx. :D

    Edit: I started with these recommendations:
  2. Any ideas?
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