Card's with 64-bit drivers that don't suck!


I'm looking to order a graphics card to go with my new build, which will be here Monday. It's an i5 750 with 8g G.Skill RAM, Gigabyte UD3R mobo, 212 CPU cooler, etc.

I have a new 23" LG 1920x1080 monitor that I will be using, not for gaming, but as a Digital Audio Workstation with Cubase 5. However, I really wouldn't mind a good card that would allow me to use multiple screens down the road.

I was originally looking at the XFX HD-575X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5750. However, after reading a ton of reviews, apparently it SUCKS with 64-bit driver support.

What should I do?!
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  1. Oh I'm sorry I should mention Antec 902 case and I'm trying to spend about $150. And I want it to make coffee for me and cut the lawn.
  2. Man I checked every review on every site for all sorts of cards, and couldn't find one that hat "stable 64-bit" drivers. Can anyone link me on NewEgg to something that they're currently running in 64-bit in my price range?
  3. For now, one, down the road.. maybe 2...

    If I can get away with under $175 that would be sweet...

    I probably will never play a video game on this particular PC
  4. I run an i7 920, with a 5870 on win7 x64. I have had no issues with drivers.
  5. 5870's are sick, but they're all like $400 bucks +. And I don't think I need anything that crazy.

    What about this one?
  6. technician1986 said:
    5870's are sick, but they're all like $400 bucks +. And I don't think I need anything that crazy.

    What about this one?

    With the i5 system you have created, it feels like a complete waist putting in something so outdated.

    I don't think the 64 bit driver issues people are having with the 5770's, are the normal.
  7. Alright, I'm gonna go with the 5750 in my original post and hope the reviews on NewEgg aren't the norm, like you said. I see drivers for it on their website and it appears to be fine with 64-bit.
  8. NewEgg reviewers are usually only tools who don't know how to build a system and then moan about the product when it's them trying to slam a PCIe card into an AGP slot, or don't know how to clean out old drivers before adding new ones.
  9. That sounds about right, lol
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