HI ,
I just wanted to know what is the built in graphic card in the ASUS P7P55 MB.
here is the link for the Mother board.

I have Core i3 Processor with 500 Watts PS.
512MB , 9800 GT Nvidia Graphic Card

My Computer Doesn't Start , when monitor graphic cable is plug into the graphic card and monitor stays off.

when i unplug the cable from the graphic card , monitor turn on , ( light comes green ) and ask for analog device , Usually appears when you didnt plug in the cable for the graphics.

I want to know , whether my graphic card is out ,or what but fans runs...
If asus MB has buit in graphic card , where its port to plug in the cable ??
but it has no port , just the bunch USB ports , should i need a converter of graphic cable into USB ??

Please help me out or what the options.
i am really in bad shape..

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  1. p7p55d doesn't come with built in grapics
  2. REALLY MAN....KNOW WHAT...!!!
  3. you need a h55 board if you want on board graphics
  4. i dnt want on board graphics , i need to know how this problem solved ?
    is problem with the board or with the card ?
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