Best RAID setup ?


I need advice on the best setup ito RAID or any other suggestion based on the following:
- Faster Windows 7 startup and application load times
- Frequent Photoshop use
- Imperative that I don't lose family photos due to failures/accidental deletes etc

RAID 0+1 (correct?) I think is an option but that requires a lot of HDDs? Please advise as I have never setup RAID before.

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  1. Get an SSD for Windows and application installation for fast speeds.

    RAID will not help you with deleting a file, you need backups for that. RAID is meant to recover from a hard-drive failure and to speed up drive access times.

    Get two storage drives, set them up in RAID1 for redundancy, then run regular backups of the files to a 3rd drive or DVD/BluRay.
  2. VelociRoptor's in Raid 0 fly and you will enjoy almost 3x more storage for over $100 less when going with a high performance HDD WD VelociRapotors in Raid 0
  3. yea i run 2 WD raptors in raid 0 and they are the next best thing to an ssd. only problem is, if one dies im screwed :/
  4. Thanks to everyone for good advice.

    I'm still trying to decide which is best for me.
    What I've read about ssds they sound excellent ito speed, but too expensive for me at this point.

    Maybe I should go for the two raptors in raid 0, and keep two separate disks in raid 1, I don't even know if it can be done like that. Or raid 5 maybe? I suppose I would sacrifice speed for redundancy.

    Anyway I'll look into the raptors idea.
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