5750 better in DX10?

Strange behavior I think!

I used Far Cry 2 benchmark tool and captured a lot of runs with DX9 thinking it will be faster, but it didn't go beyond 35 FPS. Then just for the heck of it I turned to DX10. It gave me a wooping 70 FPS max, 43 FPS min, and 55 FPS average. Does it normally do that? Is the card better in DX10?
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  1. i think that card is optimized for dx11.
    i don't know about it too, but since your 5750 better with dx10 then just continue it... :)
  2. The 5750 isn't really made for DX9 games and neither are the drivers :D. Just use DX10 and 11 when you can.
  3. Oh, that solves it lol. It's just because my old card which was 8600GT couldn't handle DX10 so I was just wondering.

    By the way, this card rocks, I don't know why would I go and pay a little more for a 5770 when this does the job.

    I play all games, except Crysis (don't really like it) on full settings on 1080p resolution flawless.
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