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I have this super annoying problem with my Xbox 360, it just wont connect to the Internet, it dont get the information it needs. this is what I've tried: WIRELESSADAPTER, I didn't get strong enough connection coz my XBOX is in the third floor and the router is first. ETHERNET CABLE, I took it through the windows but still no connection, it bails the network test on the IP- adress part. I really have no idea where the fault is so if you have any suggestions please post'em:)
Pease answer as fast as possible! ( :

I guess it would work if i put the 360 in a room that i can use my adapter in, of course ill try it.
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  1. manually set up you ip configuration on your xbox. make the last digits of the ip something a little high so you dont get any conflicts. also plug the cable into a computer to make sure the actual connection is good. you also might have to put your xbox's MAC into a DMZ in your router.
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