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Hello, I wanna install Windows 7 on my Windows XP Desktop. But I need to know if the Windows.old folder which will be created will have ALL the Files(Music, Pictures, Documents, Videos) in "My Documents" I just need to know about the files in My Documents, nevermind those Programs. I have no external Drive for file backup, so the Windows.old folder is my only hope.

Again I just wanna know about the files in my Documents can be restored and if they're safe and sound. Thanks a lot :)
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  1. Hi ToldarkenHansam, from the official Microsoft document below :


    "We recommend using Windows Easy Transfer, a free download, to help you move your files and settings to another location before you install Windows 7. Then, you can use Windows Easy Transfer again to move your files and settings back to your PC after Windows installation is completed.

    "If you don't use Windows Easy Transfer, you'll need to copy your files manually to an external location, such as CDs, DVDs, an external hard disk, or a USB flash drive before installing Windows 7, and then move them back after Windows installation is completed."

    It seems that the windows.old folder is created for system files during the upgrade process. So, no, your files will NOT BE SAVED to the windows.old folder, you will have to get a usb stick or copy data to cd/dvd.

    Sorry, but seems you have no other choice :-(
  2. I reinstalled Windows 7 on my computer. I know its not XP, but Windows.old doesn't seem to contain ANY of my personal files. I think it just contains the operating system files, nothing else
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