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Hey all, I have a question regarding the use of CPU ID Hardware Monitor and temperatures. I just bought a new 3.4 gig black edition amd phenom ii. Also and H80 corsair water cooler. Got it all installed and seems to run fine. My bios says at start up I'm running at 29 degrees C. The issue I'm having is I can't find any software to tell me real time temps during load... At least all the stuff I have tried doesn't read the temps. Is my motherboard compatible with these programs? Its a Gigabyte GA990XA-UD3. The cpu is read and the voltages/etc, just not the temps... Thanks!
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  1. Yeah, that is what I have. However I think I might be seeing the temp, just not where I thought I should. There is a section on it that says AMD phenon II x4 965 with the cores and shows 0 degrees C. Which is obviously wrong. Then there is also a second in the Temps specifically that says TMPIN0, TMPIN1, TMPIN2. I read respectively 36, 32, 12 degrees C. My motherboard has those readings as well in the bios. Think those are all that get reported, however I believe the first to be the cpu or the case temp, the 2nd to be the flip of the other and the 3rd to be close to outside or away from the motherboard atleast. Guess I'll have to read the MB manual to see which is which. Thanks though!
  2. sorry didnt pick it up from the title lol

    speedfan has never done me wrong, i've seen people with the same core issue as you on HWmonitor so it's probably not uncommon
  3. All good, thanks for the replies! I will give speedfan a shot given that information. Thanks again!
  4. maybe feature unlock core in mobo still enabled taht can cause error reading temperature core
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