[Graphics Cards] Overclocking Sapphire HD 7970 vapor-x Ghz edition


I just finished my first build and I'm working on overclocking my 7970. Right now I'm just bumping the settings in Catalyst and running 3DMark to check my performance.

This is what I'm at now : http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/4355200

It seems rather low, and on games such as Guild Wars 2, I average ~34 fps on ultra.

Shouldn't I be seeing higher performance? What could I do to increase this?
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  1. try lowering your memory clock, when it gets too high it will slow GPU performance down quite a bit
  2. :heink: What your using the latest drivers and getting that impossible you must be a undercover nvidia fan up to no good won't work :non: those drivers are boss your dismissed ahahahaha just kidding! :lol: ;)
  3. Im getting 50-75 fps on gw2 with same card stock. Maybe u got it plugged in wrong pcie port or somthing else like processor or ram is bottlenecking it. Maybe u got a crappy card
  4. And thats with every single setting maxed. 8gb of Cas 8 ram, i53570k stock, windows 8, msi gd65
  5. And now with i5-3570k at 4.5ghz and sapphire 7970 ghz 3gb at 1200/1600 i get about 100 -120 on gw2 on ultra in 1080p. my 3dmark is p10225. I have noticed drops to 30 but that was because of bad clocks and crashed drivers, reboot your pc. Also download latest windows updates and sapphire drivers and catalyst 13.2 beta and mobo bios ect.
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