Boot error - I read the sticky

MOBO - Asus p7p55d-e pro
Ram - RIPJAW 10666 2X2 DDR3 1333
VID - Saphire 5850
PSU - 700W OCZ
HDD - Samsung Spinpoint SATA
Optical - SATA DVD
CPU - i5 750 with stock heatsink

I have connected 24 pin and 8 pin to the mobo

1 short beep
(from manual)
VGA detected
Quick boot disabled
no keyboard

10 seconds later
3 very fast beeps (Not continuous) followed by 4 short beeps
Monitor doesnt display anything entire time its hooked up to hdmi slot, not sure if theres a problem with that slot or the cable
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  1. What does the motherboard owners manual say about your beep codes? Never mind, I looked it up online. Your motherboard also has diagnostic LED's. What LED's are lit up? It sounds like most likely either a GPU power problem or a RAM issue. Did you plug both 6-pin power connectors into the graphics card (step 5 in the checklist)? Did you perform steps 6-8 to rule out a RAM problem?

    I know you said you read the checklist, but so does everybody else coming here with your type of problem. We need to know if you actually performed every step in the checklist and what the result of each step was.
  2. Under VGA LED it beeped once
    Under Boot Device LED it did 2fast beeps and 4 short beeps

    If its under boot devices:HDD and Optical
    I have the HDD in SATA-1
    I have the Optical in SATA-3

    Does it matter where how the power supply is tree'd?
  3. 1. Check
    2. Check
    3. Check
    4. Seated it again to make sure
    5. I connected 2 power cords
    6. I had the same issue with 1 stick
    7. Check
    8. Check
    9. Check
    10. Check
    11. Stock cooler
    12. Check, Its running
    13. It was good
    14. Check
    15. Did my best to do so
    16. Speakers is there
    17. yup
    18. yup
    19. Yes
    20. Ill look into CMOS
    21. I dont believe this has integrated video

    update, i did CMOS, reverted back to normal
    On power up:
    short beep on VGA LED
    Short beep on Boot Drive LED
    Still no signal being sent to my screen via graphics card HDMI
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