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Best value cooler

Hi Guy's,

I am going to be overclocking my i7 930 CPU from stock @ 2.8ghz to hopefully somewhere in the region of 3.5 maybe 4Ghz so as to be able to get the most out of my Sapphire 7970 and to not have to hold back the FPS my monitor ties it down to in vsync at 60fps.

Can anyone with a similar if not the same CPU offer their recommendations?!
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  1. Hyper 212 evo is what you are looking for!

  2. Best answer my reccomendation, should be able to get it to atleast 4GHz
  3. ^+1 that's another option u can consider...

    but v all know, cm hyper 212 evo is the best bang for buck! :)
  4. ^Hyper 212 evo can't get those chips very far though, around 3.8
    so I'd recommend a beefier cooler
  5. ^ i doubt that.. I believe it can easily touch 4 with the evo

    The link above shows the ability of evo to handle i7 930 clocked at 3.9 with effectiveness...

    copy and paste it in search bar..
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