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Hey Guys,

I just had my computer built for me. I have a 30GB SSD as well as 1TB HDD. I wanted teh SSD to run my OS (Win7) and then my HDD to run pretty much everything else. Thing is, i have a problem with my SSD (c drive) and my HDD (g drive) talking. Example. I make sure i download/upload everything to my HDD. I downloaded a game from online to my G drive BUT when there is an update, it wants to search my C drive for the game and cant find it. Ive gone to the divice manager and my disk manager say they are both online. I notice that my G drive (HDD) is in "disk 0" slot and my C drive (SDD) is in "disk 1" slot? not sure what that means. Bios has my SDD drive booting up first then my HDD 2nd. They both work, just not how i want them. I guess my biggest problem is I want them to be like 1 HD, just C drive runs the OS and HDD runs everything else. Biggest problem is with updating the things i have saved to my G drive from online sources. If this sounds confusing, it probably is. Im now regretting even using two seperate HD's and wish i could put my OS and everything on the HDD...

Any help would be awesome.

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  1. The Intel Z68 Chip set is one way to achieve the integration of HDD and SSD that you are looking for. However the way you are trying to set things up is not going to work. Many programs default to certain paths on installation when patching and updating. That can cause a problem when installing programs to drives other than C:

    The second thing is that SSD is way to small for Win 7 to be used in a meaningful way. The minimum you can really get away with is 64 GB. 128 GB is very workable but even then it requires management. The best thing you can do is reinstall everything to the HDD an or even better get a 128 GB SSD.
  2. Thanks alot. Gave me what i had figured (convert everything to HDD). Quick question...can i just copy everything on my SDD to the Hdd and then configure the HDD to boot first in Bio's so it makes the HDD "master"? i know i'll have to reconfigure the HDD to become "c drive" in disk management too. What would be the best way to go about it?
  3. You will have to do a fresh install on the 1t hd you cant just copy the os over reaally.. usually doesnt work.. But you can do a backup to an external drive then just restore to the new drive.
  4. You can clone the SSD to the hdd with the right software but the HDD will not retain data that is already on it. Data would have to be replaced when cloning is finished.
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