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I know there has been a lot of talk about this subject and I looked through it but nothing seems to help!
I have a LG RD560 laptop with nvidia GT130M I connected it to my Philips LCD (don't remember the model) video goes through but audio doesn't. what's wierd is that the same laptop and cable worked on another TV. What could possibly be wrong with this one????
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  1. is your tv looking for another source of audio? in the menu you can turn off the tv speakers so you only hear surround sound speakers. this may be the case.
  2. Also check for the input settings on the HDMI, some will give you different audio options, like PCM vs bitstream. Change the settings to match the output (PCM is usually LPCM 2.1 on nV cards, and bitstream could be 2.1, 5.1 dolby or higher).
  3. in the TV I'm sure that there are no options to change the audio source... the Sound menu is very limited.

    check tha input settings where? on my laptop? I did change the "Playback devices" to HDMI out (using Win 7 Ultim) and the dial bounces as if there is sound playing, just nothing comes out of the TV. also It's important to say that the same comp and cable worked elsewhere, and no settings have been changed...
  4. Check the input setting on the TV (comp-out , tv-in), and see if in the HDMI section or audio section they have options to change the audio format, most do, some don't.
  5. did you try putting the cable into another hdmi input on the tv?
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