Computer is Locking Up

Hey guys i hope that you can help me with this. I will tell you all the details up to this point and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Windows XP Pro
AMD Athlon X2 4400+
Biostar Tforce 4 Mobo
2 Gig Corsair XMS Ram
WD 40 Gig HDD(used for a boot drive)
WD 250 Gig HDD( Programs Drive)
Nvidia 7900GT Video Card
ASUS Quietrack DVD Drive
Samsung DVD Burner
500 Watt PSU

Bios is latest version(Flashed it about 3 months ago to newest version)
Nvidia Drivers are latest version(updated about a month ago)

Now that my specs are there here is what happened. About a week ago I was playing World of Warcraft and my computer for no reason decides to lock up. I'm talking full on no mouse movement or anything. My HDD activity light and everything was gone. After waiting about 5 minutes to make sure it was gone i pushed the restart button. Computer boots fine and everything runs smooth until 2 days ago. This time the computer had just booted up and was sitting for about 10 minutes when I notice the mouse won't move again. After noticing the same thing I hit the restart button on my case. This time the computer gets to the post screen that shows the Motherboard logo and freezes again. After waiting for a few minutes I had to hold the power button in. After starting the computer up again it booted fine, but after about 10-20 minutes it froze. tried the same routine with the restart button and Power button.

Now from this point I have attempted to check some things. Thinking that my HDD was having issues I swapped it out with another one. While I was doing a fresh install on the other HDD it locked up on me mid installation...HDD ruled out.
From there I checked my Memory, now since my computer won't stay up long I can't do a Memtest. I pulled each stick and booted the machine. It did stay up longer with only 1 stick in but it ultimately locked up anyway.
The only other thing that I haven't tested is my PSU, Mobo, and CPU itself.

Anyone who was nice enough to read all of that, could you please pass on some assistance. Anything would be nice. I'm hoping to get it figured out without having to buy a bunch of parts due to me getting ready to drop 2 grand on another new build. Thanks in advance.
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  1. try reconnecting/reseating everything, if still locks try booting without dvd connected (iv had lockups in the past with a dodgy dvd, especially samsung drives. also check temperatures to. bios flashes arn't nesecary unless theres a bug or update with/for hardware support. (the flash could be the cause if was fine before that)
  2. double check the bios settings to, all it takes is 1 setting to cause a nightmare. iv had a few pc's with crashing problems, its usually the things you wouldnt think could cause a problem. never had a problem with my x2 4000+, super stable even overclocked. the worst i ever had was an athlonxp board, supported 400fsb yet with a 400fsb cpu it would give constant errors and even corrupted everything it opened until eventually the boot sector its self but athlonxp's were sensitive.
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