Is my motherboard dead?

My DV9408nr HP laptop will not boot. I hear it trying to start up but the HD drive light won't ever come on. We've switched it out with a new HD but to no avail. I have pulled out each memory, switching them around with no help either. I have a feeling it may be the motherboard. Is there away to test this? I have Windows XP OS. Please help!
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  1. "will not boot"
    Do you get to the POST? Your computer will POST fine without a HDD. What else happens on your monitor, if anything? How far do you get?
  2. I know this may sound funny but what is POST? I turn the power on, my DVD buttons light up (play, stop, volume, etc.) but nothing else. I ended up sending it into HP due to the motherboard bring damaged or recalled or something. I talked with a tech via chat on their website and they told me that my laptop model was one of the many recalls, but it had expired. (What kind of recall expires?)

    They'd still fix it if I sent it in, but I'd have to pay $259. I decided to do that instead of buying a new laptop. Hopefully this will work, but if it happens again, I'll be switching brands completely.

    Thanks for your help though.
  3. That laptop is not worth spending that kind of money on in my opinion. Unfortunately there is not much you can really do to a laptop besides what you did already.
  4. May I ask why you say that?
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