Suggested cpu cooler for my Thermaltake V4 case

CPU: Phenom 965 BE AM3
Mobo: Asrock 880GM LE
RAM: 2x 2GB Team Group Team Elite 1333 DDR3
Case: Thermaltake V4

I am eyeing the Thermaltake 212 turbo or V6GT. But i am unsure whether they fit the case, or will hit the RAM.

Thanks guys!
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  1. The ram heatspreaders have to be the tall stylein order to be a problem for the heatsink and when installing the newer style heatsinks the low profile ram sticks are prefered because they don't interfere with the heatsink.
    Thermaltake cpu heatsinks are not quite top quality and the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo or Plus models are much better. The models you have mentioned are Cooler Master and not Thermaltake.
    You have the V6 maodel and the V8 model below that you could consider.

    You could also choose from the 212Evo or Plus models.
  2. Sorry about that, was thinking about so many fans i typed in thermaltake. :D

    This is a picture of my RAM:
    I got 2 of these.

    Well mainly, im really considering if those bigger cpu coolers will not hit my RAM slots. I can only order stuff to be delivered to me, there are no nearby retailers of such items here so I have to be sure of dimensions and whatnot.

    My stock CPU fan for 965 BE is almost touching my RAM as of now.
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    I believe that the Hyper 212 EVO cooler has an adjustment on it for the fan to be raised up in order to clear the ram heat spreaders. You can also mount the fan on the other side so it doesn't come in contact with the ram sticks at all.
    Your link isn't working. But if you don't have the tall heat spreaders then you should be ok with any of those coolers it's when you have the tall heat spreaders like the ones here in this link that you could have an issue.

    If you have something like these you should have no problems.
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