Is the 5870 worth the price compared to a 4890?


, is the system I'm going to be buying soon. I'm starting to run out of money and the last thing I need to decide on is a video card. I know the 5870 is much better, but for the system i'm buying, is it worth investing THAT much into it? Is the 4890 good enough?

Edit: Also, should I just get a different cheaper card in the 5000's? If so, which one?
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  1. What do you mean, is it worth it for the system you are buying? Both cards would be the bottle neck of your system the majority of the time. It would take two 5870's to not always be bottlednecked by your system.

    So if it's a matter of you not sure you'd take full of advantage of it, you would. You still have to decide if you want that much power. It does cost a bit more for the 5870.
  2. Well, let me rephrase this then. Is the 5870 worth the extra cash?
  3. I'd say that if you are going to build that strong of a system, you might as well take advantage of it and get the 5870. If not, you might want to consider backing off on the CPU spec's, as it wouldn't be needed to be as powerful as it is and run at max FPS.
  4. Hello Data,

    Before anyone can offer you advice on the graphic card to buy you should let us know what games you want to play, and at what resolution you will be playing.

    Also--this question might be better posted under new system build. You would get more knowledgeable answers about your motherboard and CPU choices.

    That said, dropping to an i5 might be a good way to save money, or you could get one 5850 now and get a second 5850 later-- your crossfire option is a good way to save money but still eventually have extreme graphics power.
  5. Well, I can't say exactly what I'll be playing but I can give some sort of insight. Most likely cod5, gta4 and empire total war will be the first games I'll be playing once I get this system. I'll be playing at 1440X900 although that could change in the future. From what I've seen the 5850 seems to be around 100 dollars cheaper. Is it that much weaker?
  6. A $150 dollar graphics card like the 5770 could handle virtually any game at 1440x 900 ... So I think the 5850 is way more than powerful enough for anything you want to play at that resolution.

    Later when you get a bigger monitor you can crossfire to continue maxing out at high resolution.
  7. Oh, alright, thanks. So, I believe I'll get the 5770 now, so before I set my heart on it, is there any thing I should know about its performance level?
  8. It's generally on par with the 4870, although in quite a few tests the 5770 is outpaced by the older card.

    However, if you're ok with waiting for a couple weeks, ATI will be debuting the 5830, which will take the 4890's place. The card is projected to come in just under the $200 mark. It'll be way overkill for playing at 1440x900, but then when you grab a new monitor that has a higher resolution, you'll be all set to go, instead of having to buy a second 5770 and Crossfiring. Chances are, you'd be money ahead with this route. :)
  9. Sounds great, thanks for the help. I think I'll wait for the 5830, check out its reviews and price and decide from there between it and the 5770. Again, thanks for the help everyone.
  10. It performance equal to or less than a 4870. In my opinion I'd rather a 489 especially because there arent that many dx11 games (AVP and bfbc: 2 coming out soon though). I'd personally get a 5850 since it seems a price range isnt that much of a problem for you. Also ty shopping from newegg, youll save allot more.
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    I think you would be happier with the 5850 or 5830. Yes, the 5770 is probably good enough with a small monitor, but since you are spending so much to get a very top of the line i7 system--it makes sense that your graphics should be in the same performance class. A 58xx is a more powerful card, and once you eventually get two of them they will be an appropriate match for your very very powerful i7 processor.
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