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hi!geeks... i hav two pc's.hp8100 slim with seagate 320 gb sata hdd and with xpsp3 on it.the other is an old (2007)hcl pc wih WD 1600AAJS-22L7A0 160 gb sata hdd and with xp sp3 on second pc has phoenix award workstation bios.the hcl pc is giving message like "disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter" and even after pressing enter got the same message.pc is not booting at the bios of the hcl pc all other boot devices are disabled.the WD HDD is recognised in bios.when i used WD HDD on the first pc(hp8100) as storage device it is detected in bios.i tried to boot with seagat hdd in hcl pc,i was not able to start it normally but i coult start it in safe mode.let me be more is it tat a hdd (seagate320gb) that is working fine in hp8100 cant work in other(hcl pc...the pc which is giving disk boot failure mesage).i tried to sort of repair hdd with recovery console(by running chkdsk/r) but of no avail.mind it that the first hdd(seagate 320 gb ) is brand new and is working fine in the hp pc.then why is it not working in other pc.m worried more about WD HDD as it has a software that has cost me in thousands.please help me out.
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  1. system hard drives are not interchangeable, especially if you are using 2 different systems. you COULD swap the drives if they are the same exact system but you still may run into issues with drivers and etc. but putting the seagate from the HP into the other system will not function properly and vice versa.
    sounds like the system with the issue, with the WD hard drive, may have a corrupt or failing HD. try to pull the WD and hook it up to the HP using a data transfer HD cable, not actually install it in the system. this will allow you to work with it alot easier and let you try to repair it. otherwise, it may be a lost cause.
    Try running WD hard drive tools (diagnostics) ( on the WD when connected externally and see if maybe it has issues.
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