Overlock GTX 670

Can anyone help me overlock this GPU. i have the ASUS version and i heard it can be overlocked at a very good rate.
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  1. What you can do is download MSI Afterburner and that will help you to overclock the video card. It's similar to overclocking a cpu where you raise the mhz and if needed the voltage. The voltage is the place you want to be carefull with and only the amount of voltage that you need and in the smallest amounts possible. It doesn't require much but some voltage is needed when the mhz is raised to maintain stability.
  2. Kindly visit the following link:

    It contains The GTX 670 Overclocking Master-Guide..

    Am sure you'll find everything you need to Oc in the link above..

  3. Which Asus one do you have is it the silent & deadly amd assassin' monster Top ? or non top
  5. noobnasty said:
    cool man well i would study this guide http://www.overclock.net/t/1265110/the-gtx-670-overclocking-master-guide#post_17391118 Try this tutorial, it goes over EVERYTHING needed for GTX 670 overclocking, and takes into account that each chip is different.A few of my friends followed it and got great results in real-world BF3 games, and synthetic benchmarks like Unigine Heaven.
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  7. ^the link is already posted
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    ^the link is already posted
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